Preparing for your Photoshoot

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So you’ve decided to have your photos taken. What should you do next? Plan for a successful photoshoot. Trust me, a few small things go a long way.

1.  First, be flexible and give yourself time. Give yourself time to think about the type of photos you want captured. Think about what you might need to bring and set those items aside. I don’t want you or your family to be worried/anxious before the photoshoot. If you’re a super planner, remember that no plan survives first contact but we can figure just about anything out.

2.  What time is best? It has been said that photography is where light meets life. While rules are meant to be broken, my general rule is to take portraits in the morning light or afternoon light. As the sun rises and sets, shadows aren't as harsh and the light takes on a warm glow. With that being said, if you have young children, take their schedule into account. Kids can get cranky and melt down. I know. I have two. Taking photos during what would normally be their nap sometimes doesn’t work out.

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3.  Eat. If you don’t eat a meal before the photo shoot, try to have a good snack. If you have little ones, having a snack on hand wouldn’t be a bad idea either. I’m not beyond bribery. Heh. 

4.  Consider the weather. If it’s windy or colder than you anticipate, you may need to adjust what you wear. Don’t be stressed if the weather is overcast. Clouds are actually better for portraits. They can add texture to the sky and diffuse light (eliminates harsh shadows).

5.  Location. Do you have any particular place in mind for the photo shoot? Are there any places that are meaningful to you and your family? Here is a link to places I’ve taken photos before.

6.  Props. I think props can be a great idea. If kids are young you could use something as simple as the first letter of their name or their age. You could also use one of their favorite toys. I think things like that help show personality. If someone is older you could use an instrument or sports.

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7.  Have fun. Easy for me to say? My goal is to capture the connections between you and your loved ones. Don’t worry about the perfect pose or expressions. I’ll let you know if we need to make adjustments.

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